College Girl Power


Step onto a university campus or into a downtown office building, and it would usually seem like there are equal numbers of men and women in college and in the workplace. But what are the facts? Are more men than women going to college? Are women getting the same jobs as men when they graduate? Are there many fields that are clearly being dominated by female employees? And while we know there is an equality gap when it comes to pay, just how large is it?

Obviously, it’s important for both young women and young men to be empowered by this information. Gender equality in education and work should be something we all strive for, and knowing the challenges better prepares us to meet them head on. We can help arm students with this knowledge by absorbing some key statistics from the infographic below. It not only covers college-related data, but also includes a timeline of major historical milestones in women’s rights since 1765.

Click the image above to view the full infographic.