The New Brain Trust

Ever wanted to bounce your ideas off of someone you just couldn't get close to?  We know the feeling—whether it's in the grander sense of getting to pitch a TXGU musical-meets-action-movie to Spielberg (hey, we didn't quit our day job at least), or just the wish to get closer to people working on the same education goals as you in a different capacity and/or office. Well, in our newest "Texas GEAR UP in Action" video, the good people in Region One ESC GEAR UP: Ready, Set, College! are living the dream as far as getting get-togethers together goes—and the results coming in from their District Leadership Team model are positively pro-worthy.

Not only are the teachers, administrators, and (wait for it) superintendents of their districts having scheduled, highly effective meetings about growing their college-going culture—they're having these meetings with each other. That's right, it's the ultimate school district pow-wow you've always imagined—complete with all the inter-level camaraderie you'd want, and all the sharing of unexpected school-based data you'd definitely need in order to keep your TXGU'ers shining like the stars they are. 

Can't get enough? Don't believe your eyes? We won't judge, because it does sound almost too excellent to be true—but you can see more of their magic and the tools to create some of the same in your area right here in the Toolbox. Quick suggestion: Maybe your next meeting could involve this inspiring video? Who says TXGU screens need to be silver (all the time)?