X'ed Out

Thinking about college isn’t limited to juniors and seniors. Plans for the future can begin to sprout even at the middle school stage of a student’s educational career. And while students don’t need to know the exact school, major, and career path they want to take, they can definitely start taking steps today that will set themselves up for success in the future.

With every new year of school comes more and more tasks for students to check off their college-prep lists: enrolling in advanced courses, increasing their involvement on and off campus, and discovering what they’re most passionate about. So to make things a lot easier and to help keep things organized, we created month-by-month TXGU college-prep checklists for grades 7-12. And because these handy, dandy lists are linked to your students' TXGU profiles, you'll never have to guess where they are on their college prep journey. Now that's one more thing you can cross off your to do list.