Vintage Tools

If you're wondering where your tried-and-true Texas GEAR UP materials are, you've come to the right place. The most popular resources from the previous site's Build Your Own Toolkit section have been collected right here for your convenience (and nostalgia). Feel free to do some vintage browsing and download anything that catches your eye...

Mentors, Mindsets, & Role Models

Want to create or expand a mentoring program in your community? This toolkit's videos and supporting print materials can help you do it—delving into virtually every aspect of school-based mentoring.

College Planning Portfolio

Comprised of resources for both presenters and students, this ever-popular portfolio offers up information to help kids and parents embark today on the journey to college.

Community College: Stepping Stone to Your Future

See current and former community college students who have benefited from their postsecondary experiences, and learn why it can be a great option for many different students.

Financial Aid: Opportunity of a Lifetime

This video (and discussion guide) explains the different types of financial aid by sharing the experiences of three students who are using it to help fund their own college educations.

Countdown to Your Future

NASA scientist Jack Bacon challenges students to imagine themselves int he future—encouraging them to set goals, work hard, and prepare for life in a rapidly-changing world.

State of Transition – 2010 Update

Former Texas State Demographer Steve Murdock reexamines trends, forecasts, and challenges facing the state.

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